Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: The Low Down on Baby Registries: 10 "Must Haves" that you can live without!   

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Low Down on Baby Registries: 10 "Must Haves" that you can live without!

Spring is in the air! Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and women are popping out babies left and right. For me, this equates to a mailbox full of baby shower invitations and a disgruntled look at registry after registry.

I get it. I do. I was that same excited pregnant woman going buckwild with the scanner gun at the baby store. But let's be real, you DON'T NEED most of that crap. Babies actually need very little, especially if you plan on breastfeeding. I feel like this is a fact you have to learn on your own...but I've compiled a list of needless baby registry items anyway. They are as follows:

1) Whirpool Baby Tub
If I don't get a luxury, spa-like, Whirlpool tub, then my son doesn't get on either. Honestly though, the price tag on these things is ridiculous! My son has been a water baby since birth. Somehow he has managed to enjoy bath time, just the same, in a regular old plastic baby tub without the bells and whistles.

2) Wipe Warmers
Unless you live in the Arctic, I just don't see how these are necessary. Wipes are cold. Babies adjust. Even my son, who is the ultimate prima donna, is alright with room temperature wipes. Save your dollars for something else. Trust me on this one!

3) "Baby On board" Car Magnet
The last time I checked, these little magnets run upwards of five dollars. Full disclosure, my husband INSISTED on purchasing one. It lasted maybe 3 months before the elements made it illegible. Even if it lasted until MY kid has kids, I would think these things are stupid. Do you think one person took the time to read our magnet, and therefore drive a little safer around our car? Sadly, no. People drive the same way, regardless of your magnet status.

4) Fancy Burp Cloths
They make some really fancy burp cloths these days. They come in an array of colors, can be specially embroidered, even personalized with your little cherub's initials. But what are you left with at the end of the day? These "burp" cloths are for catching vomit..lots of it. (Bear in mind that this is the ideal scenario, in which the curdled milk lands where its supposed to instead of on your shirt, in your hair, or in your mouth) They will be in and out of the wash constantly and will probably become yellowed and faded in a matter or weeks.If you think you will look more chic when your baby blows chunks on an embroidered, organic, burp cloth then more power to you!

5) Cradle Cap Lotion
A lot of babies are born with cradle cap. It's this crusty, scaly, dry skin that sits on their scalps, underneath their hair. Not super attractive. Makes them look a little like old men with liver spots on their big bald, heads. Mine happens to be one of those lucky kids! Every parent wants their baby to look their best, so I set out on a cradle cap curing mission. I was absolutely shocked by all the cradle-cap treatments and lotions out there and the hefty price tag that went with them. The real deal, is that most cases of cradle cap go away completely, with no treatment, in a matter of months. If you are too impatient to wait, you can also use coconut oil and a baby comb. This is a much cheaper and Eco-friendly alternative.

6) Humidifier
I know some of you are going to fight me on this one, but a humidifier is not a necessity in my book.  My son seems to come down with everything! When he does, his tiny pug-like nose gets stuffy and he can't breathe well or nurse efficiently. I have found a steamy bathroom to be just as effective, if not MORE effective, then using a humidifier.

7) Diaper Pail
I've said it before. I will say it again. I am confident that my son is part ogre. He has had some of the most epic poops and diaper explosions in the history of baby kind. However, I have never had an issue with his poop smelling so bad that it justifies the extra expense and effort of a diaper pail. If you are super concerned, you can always reuse a plastic grocery bag and tie off crazy, smelly, swamp-ass-esque diapers individually.

8) "Seat Savers" for under car seats
I don't have a ton to say about these. Save your pennies, and slide a towel underneath the car seat instead.

9) Baby laundry Detergent
This stuff is aptly marketed to us moms, who of course want the best for our tots. The threat of dyes, chemical, and perfumes that could harm our delicate baby's skin, gets us to easily fork over the extra 10-12 bucks for speciality baby detergents. I did. I'm a sucker. The regular brands make specialty formulas for individuals with sensitive skin (dye and perfume free) that works just as well. When your baby matures a bit more, you can even experiment and wash an item or two in regular detergent. Most kids fare just fine with the regular or dye free formulas.

10) Shopping Cart Cover
When you think shopping cart, you think loads of icky germs that you want to protect your baby from. But the truth of the matter is, almost every store carries sanitizing wipes nowadays. Use them instead! These combined with the crazy outside temperatures, at least down South, are likely to be just as effective as the shopping cart cover. (Especially if you are a slacker mom, like myself, who forgets to wash the cover every week or so.)


  1. Agreed!!!! Diaper pails Would top my list! They never work, either!

  2. I agree!! Someone told me I needed a wipe warmer and I never put one wipe in it! I used it as a night-light and now I'm going to sell it, lol! Baby oil or vaseline works for cradle cap also as well as a brush when shampooing. I used the towel under the car seat also. I do use the shopping cart cover, but that's b/c my son isn't the most adept at sitting in the cart w/o falling to the side.

  3. I never used a wipe warmer either. One of my friends bought it for me because it was a "must have". I sold it with in two weeks of receiving it.