Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party: The Good, The Bad, The Burnout!   

Monday, July 23, 2012

Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday Party: The Good, The Bad, The Burnout!

So it's finally over! Months of planning and I can proudly say that I actually survived my first time hosting a kid party! Whoo hoo!

I think that overall, I am pleased with how everything turned out. However, I'd be lying if I said everything went off without a hitch. I knew I was taking a risk with an outdoor venue, and there were certainly some issues that arose from that. (i.e. wind knocking over signage, Florida heat, etc.)

 I don't think I would have changed the venue though. The other option was sardining everyone into the house. That was so not happening. Call me antisocial, but I am not a big fan of house parties..at least house parties at MY HOUSE. I'm always left with a huge mess, which sucks, but it has nothing on the two or three "stragglers" that camp out for hours after everyone else has gone home. There's no polite way to tell someone to get the hell out, is there?

I was also kind of disappointed with the turn out. I had to reserve 2 pavilions based on the number of RSVP's. Almost half of the people who said they were coming...just didn't. I was given no notice of the change in their plans at all!
They didn't call, they didn't write, they didn't send a carrier pigeon. What is wrong with people?

I admit that I am like an RSVP Nazi. A total stickler. If you can't come, no biggie. If the thought of a child's birthday party gives you hives, whatevs that's cool. But please RSVP "yes" or "no", and give me a heads up if you can no longer attend. It's not rocket science. Your tiny, courteous act will prevent me from having a surplus of pizza and tasty treats that will go straight to my already inflated ass.

Other than that, I was pretty happy with how our little soiree turned out.

Fruit Table

 Dessert Table

                 Mini Cherry Pies

"Ice Cream" Cupcakes. This was definitely a baking fail!

Smash Cake Used for PhotoShoot

Smash Cake used at Party

Drink Table

Favor Table

Lollipop Stand (Old Mailing Tube)
Fyi: Tying these tiny bows for hours on end..has given me a sort of bow-phobia. These were a recipe for burnout!


 Some of his "Happy Birthday Mason" banner


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  1. Hi, my name is Megan and I love you. Haha jk but this post about your sons first birthday made me so happy! I went crazy on my sons first as well in the middle of June- Alabama heat. I did a brunch though so at least it started at 10am! I went all out with a Huck Finn themed party and burlap and country-coolness galore! I might even have to do a blog post on it so that I can share it with the world! I found you on the bloghop and I'm so glad I did!