Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: Why this mom is boycotting Oprah's magazine..and I hope she hears about it   

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Why this mom is boycotting Oprah's magazine..and I hope she hears about it

So I realize there are a lot more pressing issues in the world than what graces the pages of Oprah's magazine..but here is my humble stance nonetheless.

I've never actually purchased one of these literary masterpieces. I usually get the "gift subscription" when a family member resubscribes. A free magazine. Who would complain about that? Well, me, I guess. Call me a crotchety old bag but I've come across some serious issues with the mag.

 I typically just leave these by the toilet to peruse when I'm doing my business. However, for the first time ever, I decided to sit down (somewhere other than the porcelain throne) and give the magazine my full, undivided attention. What a mistake that was.

As a new mom, I don't get a lot of "me" time. So in all fairness, my standards in the light reading material category have probably gone up substantially. Oprah's magazine doesn't even come close to making the grade though. It is absolutely atrocious.

I swear that 80% of the issue's content was advertising. I understand that in the corporate world, its all about the bottom dollar. Ads are an easy way to make a quick buck. Regardless, I take serious issue with the kinds of ads in the magazine.

Every other page implies that you aren't pretty enough, you're too wrinkly, you don't dress well enough, you smell like a homeless person, you deserve this dessert, but you're also a big fat ass. At the end of the issue I was left feeling... quite deflated. Thank God it was free! Who pays money to get kicked in the nuts like this?

I guess I always thought that Oprah was the quintessential woman; embraced by ladies across generations. A woman who habitually donates money and builds schools in an effort to support and educate young, African women. Yet, right there in her magazine, was page after page aimed at pummeling enough self-esteem out of other women to provoke a buying spree of needless products.

Gone are the empowering stories about women chasing their dreams, traveling the world, changing careers, expanding horizons, and bettering themselves and their families. These stories are replaced with innumerable ads and pages of makeovers on otherwise beautiful women. The message is loud and clear.

You aren't good enough.

The pursuit of happiness, at least in the pages of this magazine, has morphed into an ugly quest for endless products that will keep you young, and vibrant, and flawless.

I will never subject myself to this nonsense again and this is certainly not a magazine I'd ever want my niece, little sisters, or future daughter to come across.

For me and my house, we will teach about the beauty in imperfection. The joy of uniqueness. The prize of individuality. Unfortunately, this magazine doesn't facilitate any of that.
Feel free to message me with any crafty/Pintrest-esque ways to upcycle this garbage. With enough glue..I might even be able to make an end table.


  1. It's a horrible money making pit. Magazines like this thrive on others insecurities. :/

  2. Have you "read" Parenting magazine? It's all ads for formula, hamburger helper, processed crap foods and services no one needs. Oh, and don't forget to buy the UBER expensive clothes for your kid to throw up on.

  3. But... if you were good enough, you wouldn't need to read it. ;) I've never read 'O' and now never will.

  4. I tend to move more towards the Christian magazines for my self-help help. ; ) I find readings that focus on the soul make me look good from the inside out. Our culture has turning away from things spiritual for things worldly and we are see the cost.

  5. Most women's magazines are like that anymore. Sad. Good for you for taking a stand!

  6. I just said to my boyfriend yesterday when we were at the store check out and every other magazine was about betrayal etc haha. I realized I hadn't picked up a magazine in over a year and know nothing that is going on in STAR world. It actually is quite peaceful :) Pinterest is my go all too magazine!

  7. I never really liked Oprah to begin with but this makes me not like her more! Why can't their just be a real magazine with real moms, no celebs, real articles, and ads that don't make you feel like crap. Apparently it is too much l ask!!