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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Welcome to Day 6, of the Misadventures of a 20-something Mom, 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza!!! The next 6 days will feature some of the most amazing and unique Mom-Based Products and Services on the web! Be sure to check out and "like" the facebook and web pages(here and here)as these businesses will be offering GIVEAWAYS & DISCOUNTS to every 20-something mom reader!
The 6th Day of Christmas brings us:
 Before I get into my review of A Kay Web Designs, I have an aside to make. While I have absolutely adored every mom-based business, and the women behind them, I feel a special obligation to make the following review simply sparkle. As you guys know, I am a stay-at-home mom and have been struggling to find a way to pay down mounting student loan debt, while also getting to stay home with my baby boy. Thus far, I have been entirely unsuccessful. However, my struggles have helped me relate to, and want to root for, the amazing lady who founded this up and coming web design company. In fact, I think it's important for you to hear the back story straight from the horse's mouth:
(Excerpts taken from http://twins-happen.com/)

So I sorta launched a new website and blog design site today. If you would have told me even 3 months ago, that I, Andrea Kay Boring, would be designing blogs and websites, I would have laughed in your face. Seriously. For those of you who might be curious, here’s the play by play of how I started designing websites.
"Last winter, I wrote a blog post about how desperately and completely I wanted to know what I was supposed to do with my life.
In March, I re-launched my blog, Twins Happen , complete with a brand new look and my own domain name. I even hired myself a fancy shmancy blog designer. I remember seeing her drafts come across emails and watching the entire site unfold, amazed at her ability to create these wonderful images online. I also remember briefly thinking: I wish I could do that.
 I rejected that idea as quickly as it popped into my head. I wasn’t an artist. No way in hell could I do what she does. I enjoyed writing my blog but I also wanted to find a way to make money doing what I loved. I played around with different advertising networks and affiliate links, but to little avail.
One day, out of the blue, I received an email from "Funny Postpartum Lady." She asked if I could help her redesign her blog. Here was my big chance! Sure, I said, I’ll give it a try. I started slowly, googling Blogger tutorials until I was blue in the face. My hard work must have paid off because when I finished it and she was thrilled!  I was thrilled. I spent hours working on that project, but I didn’t care one bit. The final creation was worth it. I created a space that she loved and it turns out I loved doing it.
Shortly after, I created my own little Blogger design website and my journey began. A few of my other amazing Internet friends took a chance on me and I had so much fun designing spaces for these amazing mommy bloggers. Gradually, I had more and more clients emailing me and before I knew it, I had about 8 designs under my belt.
So here I was, making a little bit of extra cash and for the first time ever, I was loving what I was doing. Unfortunately, I was also still waiting tables part-time and hating every second of it. To build my business further, I needed to be able to dedicate all of my energy into learning different facets like wordpress. But for some reason, I was scared of it.  Fueled by the desire to hold onto my new found happiness, and build this business into something amazing, I mustered up the courage to chat with my husband about quitting my job. Surprisingly, he was all for it! So together, we took the plunge. I quit my job, enrolled in a blog design training center, and never looked back.
No more fear over wordpress…pshhhh. I can blow that out of the water. I got it now. It took me quite some time to get here, but
                I am here
For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a direction. I feel like I have a career that I love. I am not only a wife and mommy, I am now a website designer.
       This is me. Who knew?"

I won't even pretend to understand the ins and outs of Andrea's web design business. I am one of the most technologically-challenged people on this planet, so I literally would be lost without design savvy women like her. What I DO know, is that A Kay Web Designs has taken off! Andrea's portfolio now includes some of the biggest bloggers on the web! AND as you can see from the images above, her work is extraordinary! Given the high quality of her work, and her seemingly innate knowledge/mastery of her craft, Andrea's pricing is extremely fair.
In closing, this woman is the new "go-to" if you or someone you know needs a blog revamped or even designed from scratch! Get your work done by the best and support a stay-at-home mom of twins..does it get any better than that?

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