Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS FEATURING: "Littles" by Lindsey Loo   

Sunday, December 2, 2012

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS FEATURING: "Littles" by Lindsey Loo

Welcome to Day 2, of the Misadventures of a 20-something Mom, 12 Days of Christmas Extravaganza!!! The next 10 days will feature some of the most amazing and unique Mom-Based Products and Services on the web! Be sure to visit and "like" their facebook pages, as these businesses will be offering GIVEAWAYS & DISCOUNTS to every 20-something mom reader!

The 2nd Day of Christmas brings us: 
The mastermind behind these must have baby adornments is Lindsey; a stay-at-home mom of two, who took her decade long passion for crocheting and fashioned it into a viable business. Her years of experience, enabled Lindsey to attain an extensive repertoire and unprecedented knowledge of her craft .
In order to mesh softness and durability with affordability, every piece is hand-stitched with the highest quality acrylic, cotton or wool yarns.  The "Littles" by Lindsey Loo product line includes everything from hair clips and headbands to blankets and baby shoes. The line also contains scarves, cowls, stuffed animals, and custom orders. Any of these pieces would make a wonderful addition to a baby or toddler's wardrobe, as they simply radiate with the time, energy, and motherly love that went into crafting them.
I can personally attest to the fantastic quality of the "Littles" by Lindsey Loo line and to the quick turn around time on orders. I mentioned to Lindsey in passing that my husband's favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she surprised me by hand crocheting a toddler-sized Steelers beanie for my son.

I admit that I initially had some reservations about a crocheted hat. I remembered being forced into itchy sweaters that my great aunt had knitted when I was little, and I didn't want to inflict that discomfort on my own poor kid. Besides, I knew that if it was too "scratchy" on my son's delicate skin, he would flat-out refuse to wear it. I was happily surprised when the hat arrived and was so incredibly soft that even MY picky toddler loves to wear it. In fact, he even tried to sneak and wear it to bed! I would definitely say that we are both now crochet product converts!

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