Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: Mom University: Making the Most of "Me" Time (Part Deux)   

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mom University: Making the Most of "Me" Time (Part Deux)

I want to welcome back those of you who already follow my blog, because where would I be without you crazy kids, and also extend an open invitation to everyone who found my blog via Hooplaha.com! Welcome! (Waves enthusiastically.)

This post is a follow-up on the original Mom University piece I did back in September, so you might want to start there. You can also catch up on some of my most popular posts here and here.

For those of you who don't know, I am a first-time mom to an adorable, heart-melting, patience-trying little guy, who will be 17 months old next week. When I first had my son, I was unprepared for how incredibly isolating motherhood could be. In my pre-baby life, I was a student and a therapist. Perpetually talking to, listening to, or otherwise engaging people. The transition from that to staying home with a demanding little bundle, who quite frankly didn't make for the most titillating conversations, was a difficult one.

From my experience as a therapist, I knew that taking a "breather" every once in awhile was imperative for maintaining my sanity. However, as a mother it is seemingly impossible to think in these terms. We are programmed to be selfless creatures; to prioritize our spouses, and our children. But the fact remains: Taking occasional time out really does help recharge, revitalize, and restore you. It makes you a better spouse, a better parent, a better person overall.

BUT, I found that making "me-time" was not enough in itself. The majority of the time, I would squander the limited alone time I did have, on passive activities like facebook or television. I was not actively pursing my dreams, or my passions. I felt like I had given up.

As much as I adore being a mother, it is not my end all be all. There are so many other facets of me, that make me the person that I am. I love baking, traveling, painting, photography, etc. and by constantly putting everyone else in my life first, I allowed those parts to languish.

We don't get another chance at life. This is our one shot.

I know that I am ultimately responsible for my own happiness. Therefore, I started Mom University in a concerted effort to pursue those passions once again. I like to think of Mom University as a "mini-movement." I am challenging other mothers to stop making excuses, prioritize themselves, and pursue their dreams.

Change your "some days" into "to-days."

Your time is now.

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