Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: Pinterest Induced Stress Syndrome: Holiday Edition   

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pinterest Induced Stress Syndrome: Holiday Edition

I love everything about the holidays.

The music, the baked goods, the adorable crafts, and the lax rules surrounding leg shaving. This time of year is by far my favorite. At least, it used to be...before the Pinterest era.

Don't get me wrong. I love a good craft or delicious baked good, just as much as the next yahoo. But because of Pinterest, my toddler's cross-eyed reindeer hand print and my habitually burnt holiday cookies just don't seem to cut it anymore.

Christmas dinner has become this elaborate production, that involves more time, effort, and stockpiling than any of those doomsday preppers!  Because every Pinterest post is described as "delightfully easy" and "much more cost effective," we guilt ourselves into trying to create the perfect Christmas scene for our loved ones. And what would Christmas be without a whimsical candy forest, the perfectly dressed tree, chalkboard menus, dessert and hot cocoa bars, amusingly agile elves on shelves, etc.?

Let's cut the crap for a minute. We all know that those crafts and recipes are hardly ever easier or more affordable than their store bought counterparts. And we know that setting the perfect holiday scene is not a piece of cake.

Regardless, some of us are just gluttons for punishment. If you're dead-set on getting your crafting or baking on, its important to know that those Stepford biotches on Pinterest LIE. Big time. The project you are attempting will, most assuredly, NOT be delightfully simple. In fact, I think some of them purposefully leave out pivotal directions so you end up with a hot mess like this:

Top: Pinterest Peppermint Tray Fantasy
Bottom: Reality
Seriously. Did you get a good look at my tray? I followed those directions to a "T" and ended up with a giant pile of what...maybe snowman vomit? It literally took me like 5 tries to get anything close to resembling the top picture. Do you know what else they don't mention in the directions? That in order to complete this craft, you will be unwrapping individual peppermints for hours! Or scrubbing tiny pieces of peppermint shrapnel out of your carpet. "Delightfully simple," my ass!

My whimsical candy forest turned out alright. However, the time, effort, and money spent on these suckers would have been much better served equipping me with more wine to deal with my pig of a father-in-law this Christmas season.

These chalkboard trays turned out pretty cute as well, and were pretty cost-effective. The pinterest directions said to use spray paint, which was a giant pain in the arse. If I had it to do over, I would have opted for the roll on kind.

 After exhausting myself with all of my other pintrocities, I ended up wrapping one of the presents like this. Go to the store and buy an entire new roll, just to wrap ONE present?! Pshhh! I got this. Scraps from three different wrapping papers.

Now THAT was delightfully easy and cost effective! ;)


  1. This was truly magical:) I seriously can't even go on there. I can't handle it. I applaud you for your efforts and would like to throw back a few drinks with you. And THEN lets try to make stuff.

  2. In general, I love Pinterest. I have actually found some great ideas on there. But I have to agree with you...like the "Nigerian prince" e-mail scam, as soon as I see the words easy, simple, or anything ending in three or more exclamation points, I know to scroll on!

  3. I'm English and we don't seem to have the same pressure here to do Christmas all homemade. I love Pinterest but I do always shake my head at those Christmas crafts! Seriously, who has the time for that kind of thing? And why would I even *want* a peppermint tray?