Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: July 2013   

Monday, July 22, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like I'm 2! (Under the Sea Party)

As the baby's 2nd birthday rolled around, I began the party planning process. If I had the common sense God gave a walnut, I probably would have gone the "birthday in a box" route this year. Party planning while pregnant is difficult enough...but add a mischievous toddler to the mix and its practically impossible! Alas, I have never been much of a logical being! So, I set out to create a custom Under the Sea themed party for my precious, little guy. He is obsessed with turtles and other sea life, so the theme kind of chose itself.

My husband, being the smart guy that he is, had me set a strict budget this year. (Last year may have gotten a bit out of hand with all the first birthday hubbub!) And I, being the awesome-sauce wife that I am, actually abided by it!

I learned a lot from the party planning saga last year. This year I knew it was best to keep the menu as simple as possible, and avoid trying to prepare anything myself! I ordered plenty of platters from our local grocery store, and ordered the cake & cookies from an awesome local baker. This all ensured that everyone enjoyed the food and I avoided unnecessary stress!

Special Thanks to my husband for helping me set-up this birthday extravaganza & the amazing vendors that made everything possible. (Crumby Art, Chickabug Paper & Printables, & Just Like Mom's Baked Goods)

Outside Signage (Chickabug Paper & Printables)
Birthday Cake (Just Like Mom's Baked Goods)

Side View of Buffet    
                      Handmade Jellyfish                                            Table Settings
                                                            Crumby Art Fondant Cupcake Toppers
    Godiva Truffles & Turtle Cake Pops   

          Candy Buffet



       Cardboard Shark for Photo Ops!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

5 Things you Shouldn't Say to a Pregnant 2nd Time Mom

For a variety of reasons, it's been awhile since I've written a blog post.

A little writer's block. An epic bout of "morning sickness." A hormonally-induced fuse that seems to grow shorter and shorter the farther I get into this second pregnancy. All of these have combined to make me, shall we say, hesitant to blog.

Regardless, here I am! Ready to throw caution to the wind,  jump back on the proverbial blogging pony, and do what I do best: Vent.

And boy do I have some pent up frustrations! We'll start with some of the most common things my husband and I hear from family, friends, and strangers alike when they find out we are expecting again.

"So soon? Wow!"
"Was it planned?"
"I sure hope you guys know what you're in for."
"You think it's hard now, just wait!"
"I bet you're disappointed its a boy."
Please don't get me wrong. I realize that people have been making babies for millions of years and I don't expect a parade, or a pink pony for simply knocking boots with my husband. That being said,  would a simple "congratulations" kill you? Planned or unplanned (totally planned by the way), we created life! That's pretty epic!
And frankly,  I don't think that having kids who are 2.5 years apart qualifies us for some sort of Guinness World Record.
My personal favorite is the "I sure hope you guys know what you're in for." I'd like to think that 2 years into this parenting gig, I have an inkling about how difficult it can be. But for shits and giggles, lets pretend you're right. Let's pretend my husband and I are both clueless twits whose world will be utterly rocked with the arrival of a second child. Explain to me, how even in that hypothetical scenario, that smug comment is in anyway beneficial. Am I the only "glass is half full" person left around these parts? If you can't muster up some excitement for us, or choke out a "congratulations," then I'd rather you not say anything at all! 
Or, maybe try asking me or my husband how we feel about this second pregnancy for some perspective.
To which I'd reply...
"I'm thrilled! Frequently nervous. Perpetually excited to meet our new family member and watch his tiny personality unfold. Sometimes terrified. Occasionally overwhelmed. Aware that I'll have a toddler and a newborn. Concerned about having enough time, energy, and love to go around. Awe-struck to think of my current "baby" as a big brother. Anxious about the social, emotional, physical, and financial impact of raising a second child.
But overall, I'm happy.
I am so incredibly happy to be bringing another beautiful little boy into this world. I feel like everything is just as it should be, and I cannot wait to be a mommy again."
Baby Boy 2.0 Debuting November 2013
In summation, please think before you speak to a pregnant, second-time mom. We are already on the proverbial hormonal edge, and nobody wants you to end up getting punched in the throat.