Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: (2nd ed.) Fat Broads Can Do 5ks Too: Flavor Run 2014   

Sunday, April 6, 2014

(2nd ed.) Fat Broads Can Do 5ks Too: Flavor Run 2014

Welcome to the second edition of "Fat Broads Can Do 5k's Too!" OK maybe not fat per se....but definitely wiggly and jiggly from carrying two giganto babies. I've let that extra pudge intimidate me from working out or attending awesome events like this in the past. Those days are over! This mini-series will chronicle me trying to tackle some awesome 5ks and finishing them by any means necessary!

Second up on my docket is the Flavor Run!
I'm super pumped about this one because it is so family-friendly and I know my toddler is going to LOVE it!!! Check it out and feel free to sign up too! Use the code: LITTLEMONSTERS20 for 20% off of your ticket! (Bonus: Kids 6 and under are free) Whether you are running, walking, skipping, or jogging it is sure to be an awesome time! I am attending the
Orlando, Fl run on April 26th, 2014!
From their web page: The Flavor Run "surprises you with fruit flavored color powder in one of the most unique family events ever created! This family fun run supports local charities and local businesses through creating a fun 5k run engaging all of your senses; sight, smell, touch, hearing, and most importantly TASTE.

During this 5k, there will be multiple Flavor Stations to cover you in fruit flavored (FDA Approved/All Natural Corn Starch) celebration color powder followed by a refreshing taste of REAL delicious fruits.

 YES. We said "fruit flavored" - Blueberry, strawberry, orange, banana, watermelon, and grape! Plus we have an awesome Post-Run Flavor Zone includes everything from fruit, vendors, live entertainment, and children's activities. Our Flavor Team's Mission is to make you smile."

Visit the Misadventures of a 20-something Mom facebook page for information on how you can score 2 FREE TICKETS!!

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