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Friday, December 5, 2014

A Mom's Night Out Adventure: Limocycle Tours

I think I speak for most moms when I say that we don't get out much.

Like, not at all. Ever.

I mean, I didn't go out much before the babies came along, but now the elusive night out is as magical as finding Willy Wonka's golden ticket. There are sleep schedules to consider and babysitters to coordinate. Breast pumps to contend with and mommy guilt to combat. Not to mention the fact that if I'm nursing a hangover the next day, my toddler completely lacks a snooze button. (Trust me I've looked.)

All this to say, that if I do manage to get a night out of my "cell" (I joke, I kid) I want it to be EPIC!

Enter Limo Cycle Tours.

Last night, I gathered some of my mommy besties and we set off to laugh, and pedal, and drink to our heart's content. No diaper bags! No strollers! No toddler tantrums or baby meltdowns. Just me and my moscato. With my friends by my side, the wind in our hair, we laughed too loud, and sang off key. We danced like all of Orlando wasn't watching and we remembered that we are all so much more than "just a mom." It was Blissful!

Limo Cycle is the limousine of party cycles. It is chock full of amenities to make your tour super enjoyable. With an awesome sound system and the ability to store food and booze on board, this is the new go-to place for a night on the town. Though we didn't utilize it, I'm pretty sure it even had a working barbecue on board! The Limo Cycle seats up to 15 and has two convenient locations(Orlando/Sanford and Daytona). YOU power the cycle by pedaling so you're essentially canceling out any wine calories you may consume. ;)
They are always running amazing specials....and  if you sweet talk the tour operator you might even score a free drink ticket to one of the local pubs. Be sure to check back frequently because they offer different package additions throughout the year that you wont want to miss. (Think Ghost Tours in October and Holiday Lights Tours in December!)

I am a firm believer in the power of a great Mom's Night out. It completely recharges you. Revitalizes you. Empowers you to be your best self. Burnout is common in our circles and "me-time" is the best way to combat it. New Year's is quickly approaching. A time for new resolutions and a time for change.

So stop making excuses and make yourself a priority. :)

And if you find yourself partying on the Limo Cycle, tell Steve I said "hi."

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  1. Well said and I agree 100%! Loved it and recommend it for any fun event! Such a fun time!!!