Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: March 2015   

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"I'm Sorry I'm a Twat Sometimes...." and other things you shouldn't say in an anniversary letter

Today marks 10 years of being together with my husband. (It's not our official wedding anniversary, but we've been together for that long. Let's not argue over technicalities, alright?)

 TEN YEARS! For the love of God! Do you know how incredibly old that makes me feel?

This man....this incredibly beautiful and patient man....has put up with all my crazy for all those years. And I've put up with his.

I would be lying if I told you that since we've put in all those years, we can now kick back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. The ten year mark finds us smack dab in the middle of some of the most difficult and tumultuous years of our relationship.

I absolutely adore our babies and I not-so-humbly think we are rocking this parenting gig. However, parenting two children under 3 takes everything out of us. By the end of the day, we are both exhausted and ready to decompress. After breaking up wrestling matches between the boys, singing along with Mickey and handling the biohazardous contents of the baby's diapers all day, I have little left to give.

Seriously. There are Amazonian Sloths with more energy than I have by the end of the day.

All the marriage articles I read on facebook tell me I have it all wrong. That I simply need to put my husband first and all else will fall into place. I try to do this. I really do. But its so hard to give my husband my undivided attention. My children are perpetually screaming at my feet or eerily quiet in another room..working on some sort of disastrous masterpiece

"What about date nights," you ask? Date nights have become as fantastical an idea as flying unicorns and calorie-free chocolate. We've had a crap-ton of sitters just up and quit on us, because our boys are too much for them to handle. (Pansies!)

Anyways, this never-ending parenting shift makes me a little kookoo sometimes and I lash out at the only other adult around. My husband always lets my moodiness and exhaustion roll right off his back. He swoops in and hugs me and is always doing his best to lighten my load.

Love changes over the years, I think.

We may not be in a part of our relationship where candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach abound, but that tiny flame that started it all, ten years ago, is still there; bright as ever.

So after ten years of being together, I want to say to you, dear husband, I'm sorry I'm a twat sometimes. (You really should talk to the fruits of your loins...as they drive me to the brink of sanity on a daily basis.) But for real, thanks for putting up with my crazy for so many years. With each passing day, I love you a little more than I did before. I wouldn't want to be in these proverbial parenting trenches with anyone else.

Thunder Buddies For Life.

Your Loving Wife