Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: About   


As you know I am a 20-something mom..

I got pregnant in graduate school and later graduated with both a Master's degree and a newborn baby. I have chosen to stay home with my son for now, and just recently decided to document this epic adventure via the blog. I don't try and make a big deal about it, but I do breastfeed and co-sleep. This is not due to any "crunchy" philosophy, but rather my own sheer laziness. For us, breastfeeding is cheaper and easier than formula feeding. Co-sleeping is a natural extension of that because I don't want to haul my big ass across the house at two in the morning. I don't hate on families who opt not to do the aforementioned, and hopefully they refrain from being negative as well. To each their own.

I am married to a pretty awesome guy. We have been best friends for over seven years and married for about four. He totally gets me. He actually laughs when I "dutch oven" him, smiles when I think of an invention that has already been invented, and thinks it is cute when I plan out how to spend our lottery winnings (even though I never bought a ticket.) He will easily be the greatest husband on earth when he learns to flush the toilet behind him.

I am mom to a little firecracker of a baby, who is an exact replica of his handsome dad, minus the blond hair and the little sumo body. My own family is demanding a maternity test because of how little this kid resembles me. While he may look nothing like me, my son is the ultimate "mama's boy." This is sometimes a pain in the arse, but most of the time it makes me feel like a million bucks. He also has the worst temper known to man..err..babykind. However, he's like the WB frog and can turn it on and off depending on who is watching. So far, only a select few have seen this "dark" side; everyone else swears he is an angelic cherub all the time.

I'm brand new at this whole "mom" gig and I don't always have the right answers. I do plenty of stuff wrong. I'm confident of that much. But my heart is in this 100% and I'm giving it all I have. Hopefully you can learn from some of my mistakes, laugh at others, and find solace in the notion that every mom has these moments (some just have them more often than others.)