Misadventures of a 20-Something Mom: Aspire   


While I am currently a new, 20-something mom who is just in survival mode,  I ASPIRE to be one of those epic, Martha Stewart-esque, pintresting moms.

So from time to time, I'll pretend that I already am that over-achieving mom, and I will try to do something awesome and crafty.

Sometimes it pans out, sometimes it doesn't.

Regardless, this is where I will post the dirty details about all of these endeavors.

Halloween Edible Eyeballs-----EPIC FAIL
These were supposed to be "deliciously" simple. Deliciously simple my a$$. All I accomplished was a giant mess and a binging episode of all my hideous creations. This was much harder than it looked. Lol.

Father's Day Present

So for this crafty endeavor, I simply merged two cute ideas I saw on pintrest. My husband always sings "You are my sunshine" to our son, so I thought this was absolutely perfect! I will be putting a 5x7 picture of the two of them in the red frame..obviously the glass and photo are absent below. The crayon melting thing didn't pan out exactly how I thought it would but it's still pretty cute. I also LOATHE stenciling. I just don't have the patience! Anyways, that is why the stenciling isn't perfect either. Ahhh well...my hubbie loves me AND my shaky hand haha. Overall, I am happy with the outcome.

          Keep in mind that those hot glue guns are, in
          fact, HOT. I sustained two semi-epic burns on my leg 
          and my finger. Son of a...!

         Hot Glue Gun: 1
          20-somethingmom: 0

                          I also ripped off this cute little pintrest bag to put MY dad's
                          gift in. It cost me a dollar to make. Which is A-maze-balls.
                          Can you tell I'm the cheapest woman alive? Ok maybe not. 
                          I probably only pinch pennies to be able to fund my ongoing
                          love affair with wine. Real Talk though, the dollar store is an
                          amazing place to find stuff for crafting! You can craft on a
                          budget :)